Service Promise

XTRIM Service Promise

In our premises we make sure we:

  • Keep it well ventilated
  • Dress appropriately and receive you with politeness
  • Use PPEs and other viral and bacterial protection gear
  • Sanitise and wipe work surfaces after each use
  • Ensure our working space is clean and free from bacteria and viruses


We adhere to stringent government safety protocols such as:

  • Minimum number of people allowed in the shops at every particular time
  • Adhere to social distancing


Every time you come to us, we will:

  • Treat you with courtesy and respect
  • Serve you in a healthy and safe environment
  • We will listen patiently and deal with you in a health, prompt and efficient manner
  • Treat you fairly, without unlawful discrimination in line with our policies and procedures
  • Provide with any further requirement you may need; language, mobility, accessibility
  • Always respect your right to privacy and confidentiality


When you contact us by phone, we will:

  • Answer your call as quickly as possible
  • Ensure you are spoken to or are able to leave a message for the right person to deal with your enquiry
  • Return all message by no later than the end of the day


We will make all necessary information available, including:

  • Prices of goods
  • Service charges
  • Publication of offers and discounts through leaflets and/or social media and website
  • On request, you may see personal information that we hold about you


If we have made a mistake or you are unhappy with our performance, we will:

  • Tell you about our complaint procedure and how to use it
  • Acknowledge the receipt of your complaint within 5 working days
  • View your complaint as an opportunity to learn from our mistakes and provide a better service in the future
  • We will listen to you and engage you in all aspects of the services
  • Will appreciate you in the vain to let us know what we did that impressed you so we may be more in that aspect


We ask you to:

  • Be polite and considerate to our staff and other service users that you may come across in our premises
  • Report concerns to us as quickly as possible
  • Tell us how you think we could improve the services we provide
  • Protect us by protecting yourself to foster a pandemic environment all of us
  • Enjoy your experience with us and let others know how grateful we are for choosing us, you are amazing.


Thank you. The XTRIM team.